The Breadman TR520 is one of the best bread machines available at its pricing point. Currently retailing well under the $100 mark on Amazon, this machine offers exceptional value, and an exceptional loaf of bread on demand. Breadman do as the name suggests offer expertise in the world of bread making, but does this model stack up to expectation? We take a look with this Breadman TR520 review, looking in depth at the features and quality of this product.

Crust Shades and Functions

Impressively for a cheap model, the 520 offers a load of excellent settings, 8 different functions for baking modes, including a quick bake mode that I will go into more detail about shortly. Combine this with the 3 different crust settings to set up your loaf to your perfect tastes, whether you like it light as a sheet or brown and crusty.

Fast Bake Setting and Timer

This is something I always love to see on a bread machine, an express bake or fast bake setting that allows you to fill your house with the smell of fresh bread in virtually no time. The Breadman TR520 enables you to make bread in less than an hour, perfect for unexpected guests or finding out you’re short of the white stuff. As if this weren’t great enough for a budget bread maker, the manufacturer has even included a timer so that you can set the machine up to 13 hours in advance for fresh bread when you return from work or wake up in the morning. Perfect!

Loaf Sizes

Three different loaf sizes are on offer with this machine, the 1 lb, 1.5 lb and 2 lb, so you can accommodate the size of your family whether large or small.

What I Like About the Bread Machine

There are many positives to draw from using this bread machine and it finds itself high up on my list of most recommended bread makers for many reasons. Firstly, I love the fact that it offers all of the features some machines twice its price don’t, the value for money is extreme, and Breadman can be proud of what they’ve produced for that price. To use the machine though it doesn’t feel budget, and it is really easy to create lots of different kinds of bread. On top of that it is quiet and unobtrusive so will fit nicely in most kitchens. I give this machine a 10/10, and you don’t need to take my word for it, a quick look on Amazon’s reviews will show you how highly regarded the Breadman TR520 really is.