Making bread in a bread machine has not always been an option and in the world of cooking these machines are a relatively new invention, but thank goodness we have them in our kitchens providing us with the best loaves available. I don’t know where I’d be without my bread maker, but how do we make bread in a bread machine, and what are the pros of doing so, and of course the cons of doing so?

This is almost so simple it doesn’t warrant a whole article about, the process of making bread in a machine can be boiled down to a very simple process.

  1. Plan your recipe, this can be done with the way you ordinarily make bread without a machine or by using a leaflet that will come with most of the best bread machines from the manufacturer.
  2. Place the ingredients in the pan according to instructions.
  3. Push the necessary buttons to select the mode and other options such as crust, style of bread and whatever else your particular model offers.
  4. Watch your beautiful bread be baked! Or, in fact as the case may be, don’t watch at all and go and do your own thing while the machine does the hard work (that’s what they’re there for).

Most machines will make bread by:

  1. Warming ingredients to the appropriate temperature
  2. Kneading twice
  3. Allowing the dough to rise in the pan
  4. Mixing again
  5. Allowing to rise once more
  6. Baking to a beautiful finish!

Some ingredients you may need kicking around to be able to make a superb bread at any time in the day are:

  • Bread Flour (wholemeal or white depending on diet and taste)
  • Butter (Margarine is an option but I much prefer butter)
  • Sugar
  • Dry Milk
  • Salt
  • Yeast
  • Variety of Herbs, nuts, dried fruit and Spices

Pros and cons of a Bread Machine

The Pros and Cons of using a bread machine is really an age old debate. The most obvious of pros is of course the ease of baking fresh loaves of bread, variation is another plus point with many recipes being very easy to implement. Timer settings mean we can prepare bread in advance on a timer setting. What’s not to like? Well, some say a little bit of the control in the kneading process is taken away and that some bread machines can become a bit samey with time, but this in my opinion can be pretty simply tackled with new recipes. Personally, as you may expect from somebody who runs a website about them, I’m all for Bread Machines!