black and decker bread machineBlack and Decker are not necessarily a name you would associate with bread machines and bread makers, in fact they manufacture everything from strimmers and hedge trimmers to power tools, perhaps you could be forgiven then for wondering if this foray into kitchen appliances is simply a way to add another revenue stream, and that these makers of garden and DIY tools should stick to their original trade, so does the Black and Decker range of bread makers hold its own in a market full of Cuisinart, Oster, Panasonic and other big name kitchen appliances.



Black and Decker Bread Maker Price

Currently the black and decker 1 is selling for around $70. A price comparable with some of the cheaper models on the market, but you can still buy a machine of great quality with a budget of less than 100 bucks, so is this the answer for your kitchen?


  • Power outage protection feature. Even if your power cuts out your bread will be fine as this machine is intelligent enough to read the situation and compensate.
  • Two different loaf sizes, something offered by many of the top machines on the market, but perhaps not a feature you’d expect at the pricing point.
  • Twelve excellent modes including gluten free, jam, basic, french, whole wheat and sweet. A versatile machine which is great even for those of us on a specialist diet.
  • 13 Hour delay timer for fresh bread whenever you please, set it before bed and wake up to fresh bakery smells.
  • Non stick baking pan for easy clean up and no awkwardness when it comes to removing your loaf at the end of the cycle.
  • Audible signal for adding fruit and nuts at exactly the right time for the perfect loaf.
  • Large viewing window for viewing your bread as it bakes.
  • LCD display for maximum control.
  • Control over the crust.

Example Review From Online Retailer

“I totally recommend this in comparison to Oster and other makes. The main difference is that this has a tall loaf and other makers create flatter longer loafs, but that just makes cutting easier. Does everything I need from my bread maker and always provides an excellent loaf”


The main comparison for this machine are the likes of the Sunbeam, Cuisinart and Breadman machines, this is an extremely cheap machine in the grand scheme of things and in spite of some gripes I have heard about how well the machine works, it seems to do the job very well, plus you always have your warranty if something does go wrong in the early stages of you owning. If you’re in the market for a budget machine I definitely recommend the Black ¬†and Decker 1 as a good way to go.