With the price of a daily loaf of bread rising higher than the dough in the oven, the bread making machine has become an important home appliance in many kitchens across the world. To get that perfect loaf of bread you will need to add a variety of ingredients into the pan (often positioned at the bottom). The solid ingredients go on top, which means you will need to add the liquid in first on the bottom.

This order is an important part of bread making because the yeast will react with the water, so it’s imperative to keep these two elements apart until you are ready to go. It often takes around three hours for one loaf to be made and the ingredients are mashed into dough by a series of moving paddles. Next, the bread making machine will reach an ideal temperature that makes it ready for the baking. Do remember that because bread making machines do not add preservatives like the big manufacturers do, your bread will only last a few days before its shelf life expires.

The most popular and best bread machine recipes are standard dinner rolls made from country white bread. These rolls make an ideal lunch bun when you add a slice of ham or an egg mayonnaise mix in. But the best bread machine recipes are the ones which serve a wide variety of purposes. Home made burger rolls and buns are ideal to use fore barbeques or a kid’s lunchtime snack and basic French bread is also very easy to make.

If you are looking for something like the best bread machine recipe with a more Mediterranean touch then try the pizza bread recipes but most Europeans will agree that the French bread recipe is the best bread machine recipe for taste, simplicity and quickness when baking in your bread making machine.

Making French bread requires water, flour, salt and dry yeast. Pour the water in first (about one and a half cups) then add two cups of flour and a tea spoon full of salt, then pour on another half a cup of flour before putting the dry yeast (about two and a half tea spoons full) on top. Use the normal or rapid speed cycle on your bread making machine and cook for 3 hours and 5 minutes for the best bread machine recipe you will ever taste.