best bread making tools

Whether you use a bread machine or not, it is good to be equipped with the best bread making tools to help you along with the job. We live in a world of hi tech kitchens, and therefore are able to get excellent tools and appliances that years ago would’ve seemed outlandish. If you’re a master chef they can help to make your life a lot easier, and if you’re a beginner baker then they will turn you into a pro in no time. We have listed some of the best bread making tools here for all eventualities in the baking process.

Electronic Scales

Baking requires quite a lot of precision, and using a Jamie Oliver style method of just bunging everything in probably wont yield the best results. Recipes will usually be really quite detailed, and ratios are key for a high quality loaf, and when you start increasing or decreasing sizes for either your bread machine or just to suit your needs, you’ll be glad to have electronic scales as your sidekick.

Baking or Pizza Stone

Sometimes called a pizza stone, this is designed to turn your standard home oven into a hearth style oven, perfect for baking all sorts of different things, such as pizza of course, but it is exceptionally good for bread too and if you’re not using a machine, or are just using a machine to make your dough, you can use a stone for making a mean ciabatta, pita breads or just about any other loaf.

A “Bench Scraper”

These are designed to be able to chop without damaging your counters, and though they’re hardly going to cut through tough meat they are absolutely awesome for cutting up dough or even other ingredients you may wish to include in your bread.

Danish Dough Whisk

I wouldn’t call this an essential tool, but a very useful one there’s no denying. Designed to help with the making of artisan breads, the danish dough whisk turns kneading and mixing a completely different ball game, very helpful for the budding baker.

A Good Bread Cookbook!

This is the most important of all bread making tools, and one you might well overlook, without a good cookbook you’re going to struggle with recipes and definitely struggle with finding variations and different types of breads to try out with your family and guests, a lot of the tools mentioned are designed for making your life easier, but a cookbook is utterly exceptional for the beginner breadmaker.