Today I’m going to focus on the Breadman manufacturer and their wide range of bread machines, reviewing their numerous models and the capabilities of them as well as the brand and make as a whole.

Breadman claim to be America’s top brand of bread makers since 2001. In their relatively brief history they have developed a wide range of bestselling products. In their own words:

“Whether you’re just getting started in bread making or you’ve been baking for years, Breadman has the right appliances and tools you need to become your own specialty bakery. It’s like having a fully stocked baker’s rack right in your kitchen. We work to bring the best in home baking technology and innovation into your home, so you can be confident that the best bakery in town is your kitchen.”

Their range does have all the bases covered in terms of budget, offering machines on the cheap, available under $100, all the way up to the top end of the market. Their more affordable models do not lack in quality, though, and have some solid features that make them a popular choice for kitchens everywhere. An example of a cheap model would be the TR520, available for around $60 on

The TR520 has 8 modes of bread making as well as three crust types, and a capacity of up to 2 lb, which is big enough to make a large loaf that will keep a family happy. It also has a delay function and loads of recipes to make experimental bread for you and yours. For an affordable machine this does not skimp on features and you certainly get an awful lot of bang for your buck.

The mid range of Breadman machines are at around the $100 mark, which is still a good price for a quality bread maker. This is an example of their standard machine.

With a brilliant 16 features, three sizes and as you would expect all of the features of the 520 model, this is a more elaborate version with a nice LCD display for the easiest baking experience possible. ¬†As well as all of that, this model comes with an incredible 300+ recipes that are pre-programmed, so you’ll never get bored of your bread, and it won’t be difficult to get variation into your diet. Also comes with a fruit, nut and herb dispenser for all those added extras.

The top end range of Breadman machines still represent value for money, though they don’t break the bank compared to some other manufacturers.

The TR2700 still doesn’t break the $200 mark, but offers huge luxury with over 100 baking modes! In their own words, the features are:

  • Nonstick baking pan; digital display; 24-hour delay timer; 1-hour keep-warm cycle
  • 100+ baking options; 16 settings including low carb and gluten free; crust color control
  • Automatic fruit and nut dispenser; viewing window; convection fan for excellent results

As you can see, this is a really excellent machine with a huge amount of features – the total bread machine!

Conclusion of Breadman Reviews

Breadman aren’t the oldest company in the bread machine game, but they certainly are among the best, offering exceptional value for money in both their value models and luxury. Excellently reviewed, with a great customer service and guarantees on their machines, you can’t go wrong with a Breadman bread machine.