Bread makers aren’t the cheapest item you can buy for your kitchen, and as with any appliance the price you can pay for your bread machine might well vary quite a lot from the cheapest model on the market to the most expensive. This post has been created as a guide to the prices of bread machines and makers and how much you should be paying for the best fresh loaf in the comfort of your own home.

The Budget End Of the Market

There are always going to be a few models on the market designed for those of us shopping on a budget, the lowest end of bread maker prices offers some decent options with good loaves available at around the $100 mark down to $50 at the absolute cheapest. Don’t expect a bread maker you buy for this kind of price to be all singing and dancing, but it certainly will do the job, and lets not forget that if you’re spending a lot of money on supermarket and bakery bread then you might well be saving money by buying a bread machine and using your own ingredients to home bake your bread.

Recommended at this pricing point:

This Oster Bread Machine has many abilities you would probably expect to pay a lot more money for, and is available at a bargain price (at the time of writing it is around $70 on Amazon!) With up to a 2 lb capacity this can even feed large families and definitely gets the seal of approval on our bread machine reviews site.

Mid Range Bread Machines

The Mid-Range of bread machines offering more features than the absolute basic but still not the most amazing bread maker will probably cost between $100 and $175 – for this, expect to get more in the way of settings and options to add more interest and convenience to your bread baking experience, but don’t expect to get a machine that offers to do your laundry as well as cook your bread.

High End Bread Machines

We’re talking the best of the best on the market at around $175+ up to roughly $300 (you don’t see a great deal of bread makers over the 300 buck mark). These should definitely be of an extreme high quality and if you’re parting with this sort of cash you should expect an awful lot of features.

If you’re parting with this sort of cash for your bread machine, you should think about…

The Zojirushi virtuoso. A bread machine to make your jaw drop. Offers twin kneading blades, a quick bake cycle, loads of options for different kinds of breads, additional heater for browning your crust and loads of different modes for cooking jams and other baked goods too. You’ll even get the exceptional build quality of the Zojirushi brand.